The Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum, located in Midtown Detroit, showcases the history and culture of the city.

Cobblestone streets, 19th century stores, an auto assembly line, toy trains and a fur trading post from the 1700s are only a few of the wonders visitors see at the Detroit Historical Museum. For over 90 years, the Museum has chronicled the life and times of the region, safeguarding its rich history, including more recent exhibits on Detroit’s history of innovation, the city’s role as the “Doorway to Freedom” on the Underground Railroad, and an outdoor plaza dedicated to Detroit’s stars of sports, entertainment, and media – from Gordie Howe to Martha Reeves to Lily Tomlin.

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The society is also involved in historical preservation efforts and collaborates with other organizations to promote the understanding and appreciation of Detroit’s history. It actively engages with the community and encourages public participation in preserving and sharing the city’s heritage.

Overall, the Detroit Historical Society plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the rich history of Detroit. Through its museums, educational programs, and community engagement, it provides a platform for residents and visitors to learn about and connect with the city’s past, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Detroit’s cultural heritage.

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